What’s Brewing

We are proud to serve Coffee exclusively from Nespresso. They guarantee the best beans as Nespresso only sources exceptional coffees that are rigorously selected and tested to satisfy the most demanding palate. Only 1 to 2% of the world’s coffee production meets the high standards of quality set by Nespresso. Through their AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program, Nespresso works closely with farmers to produce premium beans using sustainable methods. They are harvested by hand, fermented and dried in the sun, as they prefer to process the coffee beans naturally. Nespresso high standards extend to the careful roasting and grinding of beans to bring out the 900 different coffee aromas that differentiate a Nespresso Grand Cru. The exclusive capsule system is designed to protect the coffee from air and moisture, so that you can enjoy all the aromas on serving. Please note, these are not the coffees available to the general public through well-known retailers. This coffee is served in 17 individual Michelin Star Restaurants in the UK.

Please Note: Lungo is a 6oz serving, Cappuccino is a 7oz serving and Latte’s is 8.5oz

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